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  • Title: Q&A with David Rambo
    Author: David Rambo
    Publication Date: Tue, April 9th 2013
    Summary: Listen to the Q&A following David's talk about being a writing in Hollywood.
    Categories: Fine Arts    
  • Title: Elaine Mayes- 2009
    Publication Date: Tue, April 3rd 2012
    Summary: Mayes has had a 40-plus year career in the arts of photography and film as a cultural documentarian. Her well known works include early rock-n-roll performers, audiences from the Monterey Pop Festival of 1967, and Punk and New Wave music scenes.
    Categories: Fine Arts    Art    Society    
  • Title: Joyce Kozloff- 2010
    Publication Date: Tue, November 16th 2010
    Summary: One of the founders of the Pattern and Decoration movement of the 1970s, Joyce Kosloff is an internationally recognized painter, muralist and feminist whose work combines history, culture and the popular arts.
    Categories: Fine Arts    Art    Women’s Studies    
  • Title: Peter Hutton- 2010
    Publication Date: Tue, November 9th 2010
    Summary: Peter Hutton has taught at Hampshire College, Harvard University, and SUNY Purchase, and currently is a Professor of Film at Bard College. Hutton has produced more than 20 films.
    Categories: Fine Arts    Film    
  • Title: Tim Davis- 2010
    Publication Date: Thu, March 4th 2010
    Summary: Tim Davis is a photographer and poet whose ironic reflections on contemporary life, carry biting wit, sharp commentary and a playful joissance.
    Categories: Fine Arts    Art    
  • Title: Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani- 2009
    Publication Date: Wed, February 25th 2009
    Summary: Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani have collaborated since 2004 on the project Index of the Disappeared, which is a physical archive of post-9/11 disappearance and a mobile platform for public dialogue.
    Categories: Fine Arts    Art    Society    
  • Title: David Gatten- 2006
    Publication Date: Thu, November 2nd 2006
    Summary: Over the last ten years David Gatten's films have explored the intersection of the printed word and the moving image, while investigating the shifting vocabularies of experience and representation within intimate spaces and historical documents.
    Categories: Fine Arts    Film    

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