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  • Title: Healthy Food Transition Presentation of Goals and Milestones for Dining Service
    Publication Date: Mon, February 25th 2013
    Summary: A public meeting with potential food service bidders that explains the goals of Hampshire's Healthy Food Transition. President Jonathan Lash, treasurer Mark Spiro, Hospitality advisor Howard Wein 93F, and Sustainability Initiative Director, Beth Hooker pr
    Categories: Agricultural    
  • Title: Healthy Food Transition Panel Discussion
    Author: Hampshire College
    Publication Date: Wed, October 24th 2012
    Summary: A panel of sustainability and food experts discussed the possibilties of Hampshire's Healthy Food Transition. With Andy Kendall, Philip Korman, Michael Iceland, Dave Jackson, Anne Obelnicki, and Oona Coy 96F.
    Categories: Agricultural    
  • Title: Pedal Power
    Publication Date: Wed, October 29th 2008
    Summary: First-year student Noah Kellerman explores the possibilities of using human-generated pedal power for small-scale farming.
    Categories: Curriculum & Teaching    Agricultural    Mechanical    

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